" Marie France "

Marie France, founded in 1973 in the United States is a family business where everyone is passionate in his field and intervenes with each creation of new models or new finishes.

The skills of each one have allowed this company to position itself at a high professional level allowing to answer the various requests of their customers.

Now, « Marie France » is recognized for the quality and charming style of its furniture and has adaptated this to the demand of our time while keeping their old-fashioned character simply by making some modifications to certain forms or sculptures and most importantly by adding a refresh look with a variety of warm finishes.

By visiting our site you will discover a wide range of different models that will allow you to create a personal and graceful atmosphere.

Mary la fondatrice

The “Marie France” collection comes in two parts:
Vintage collection: A classic collection adapted to our current trend and faithful reflection of our past

Bouquet Collection: mostly composed of small pieces of furniture that easily find their place anywhere in the house with fresh and cheerful colors… like a bouquet !